About African Mall

African Mall (AM) is an advertizing platform that connects businesses to their potential clients

To a business, AM is a locator, an advertising platform and a tool to boost sales (when there is a promotion or stock clearing or still introducing a new product) because of massive broadcasting to the end users of the app.

To the end user, it is time, energy and money saver. Many people look for products and services but are not able to find them easily, hence wasting a lot of time, money, and energy. AM therefore increases the end user’s productivity.

AM works

  1. on android 4.1 and newer, or ios 10 and newer.
    1. If the app is not visible in the store, it means the operating system is lower than 4.1 or 10.
    2. Ensure to update Google Maps, Play Store or Apple Store to see all features of the app.
  2. It does not work on Windows or Blackberry
  3. It cannot be installed on a computer because it is designed to be a mobile phone
  1. To quickly locate and easily get to a business place within a 10km radius even though it goes across the whole continent.
  2. To save time, money and energy for the end-users (the person holding a cell phone in his or her hand) by quickly locating products and services in the market. Efficiency is a big thing in business to increase the end users’ productivity.
  3. To boost visibility of all-size businesses across the continent of Africa and beyond on a digital platform. AM also serves as a market research tool.
  4. To help businesses make sales when they have a promotion and to help the end-user also save cash by getting real-time notifications about deals. On AM businesses run unlimited promotions at no cost.
  1. The mobile phone is the center of the digital economy today and it is always in people’s hands. As a gadget, mobile phone today is a part of the human body. People therefore get information anytime and anywhere.
  2. When people don’t know where to find what they are looking for, they end up wasting time, energy and money and the business eventually misses a client.
  3. A business that does not advertise and diversify advertizing platforms will always remain small to sell just enough for the basics of life.
  4. Every nation or town has got visitors from other nations or towns who do not know well the location of businesses.
  5. People are constantly on the move and are faced with needs to buy something while on the move.
  6. Even the local people do not know the location of every business especially in big cities. Cities are growing larger and larger and buildings are also becoming more complex making many businesses invisible to the physical eye.
  7. Some people know about companies or products, but do not know where to find their offices.
  8. Some business names do not explain everything about the products or services they are offering to their potential clients. By searching the product or service, clients will find those businesses.
  9. Many individuals have difficulties finding clients for their skills
  10. There are many stakeholders (like suppliers) to a business besides buyers who are looking for places to supply.
  11. These and many more are realities in the market and they pose a big challenge, wasting time for the consumer and making the business miss clients.
  12. Many people also don’t know when a store is running a promotion, hence spend money on expensive product and service while somewhere a promotion is running.
  13. AM will make it easier for consumers to know who has what product and where to find it without having to waste much time, money and effort. Many people are looking for services or products but the physical environment is very complex to expose businesses widely.
  1. Lowest cost even for small businesses to afford
  2. It is an African brand with its headquarters in Lusaka. As such, the app will become part of the culture much faster and will create jobs.
  3. Location auto-detect. One app for the entire continent of Africa. The end user gets local information everywhere s/he goes without downloading another app.
  4. A local technical team to attend to technical issues, help register and capture data manually into the system for clients who are not ICT competent.
  5. It is a specific app for businesses on the African continent even though it is visible and can be used worldwide as a market research tool.
  6. It is secure. No one can edit another business' information
  7. It is trusted. There is no fake business because every business pays and has to be mapped.
  8. Analytics to get feedback, how many people view the business’ brand
  9. More business categories adapted to the local market to accommodate all types of businesses.
  10. Stress free search and less effort on the end-user, just clicks and a word-based search.
  11. Simplicity of design for anyone to learn and navigate in minutes
  12. Pictures, videos, audio files can be attached
  13. Directions adapted to the African way for people who cannot read maps
  14. A non discriminatory ranking according to distance
  15. Smart search by business name, product and category.
  16. Accuracy of maps.

Is this an e-commerce platform?

  1. Not it is not for now. It is a guide for physical shopping

Why don't you want to compete in the e-commerce industry yet we are moving towards a Western culture?

  1. Not every business can put their products or services online because of various reasons.
  2. Even in the West not every business sells online, people shop physically also.
  3. In certain circumstances buying online ends up same cost and even time consuming.

Why are you calling it a Mall a buying concept if you cannot sell online?

  1. It is a guide to where people can buy physically
  2. Like in a physical mall, you find many or any businesses on this digital platform

How will you convince clients that your platform produces results in terms of sales?

  1. If people download it, it means they are using the app.
  2. The app sends notifications about promotions on certain businesses and end users receive them.
  3. AM gives statistics

What is the Difference with other platforms?

  1. AM is cheaper by far.
  2. AM is exclusively for businesses and not for social networking (Hence its simplicity). People go on African Mall with the intent to buy now or window-shopping so that they can buy next time.
  3. A click on AM represents a search for the product, and/or walking/driving to the business to buy.
  4. On AM the business is visible any day any time for the whole year.
  5. AM is local where the larger segment of the market is.
  6. There is no single platform in this world that is everything and smart businesses advertize on more than one platform.
  7. AM is a 4 in one app. It takes audio, video, pictures and text ads

How effective is this app?

  1. A click on AM means brand awareness and decision to buy. When someone clicks on your business, it means he or she is interested in your product or service.
  2. A visit on AM is a serious interest and/or decision to buy. When people go on AM, they are looking for a product or service. If you have a promotion, try it to see how fast your stock will go. This way you are able to see the benefits of your money in a measurable manner.
  3. It is effective because millions of people will be using the app.
  4. Right now there are more than 300,000,000 smartphone owners on the African continent.

Even household names can advertise

Because many people may not know where some of your outlets are located and there are new people coming in town or in the country. It is an assumption for some businesses to think everyone knows us even where we are located. Try the app and see what it reveals if your assumptions are correct.

Even a manufacturing company that does not deal with individuals can advertise

There is one individual one day who will start trading in your products. They can easily find you and partner with him. Make life easier for your clients in a competitive market. Try AM even for a year and see will happen.

We have a website, what is the difference?

  1. Apps are the new way of doing business
  2. An app seats on the phone unlike a website.
  3. A website is not everything just like AM is not everything. Not all your potential clients enjoy or are familiar with the website navigation. Smart businesses diversify platforms.

How many people use the app?

Find the current numbers in Playstore or apple store because it is open information. One client you get from our platform will make a difference in your business. Africa has got more than 1 billion people and the app is both B2B and B2C across the continent.

But we do advertise on Radio/TV/Papers, why do we need this Application?

  1. Yes, keep advertising and diversifying your marketing platforms.
  2. There are and will be more features on the app to benefit your business that radio, TV and newspapers cannot provide except on an app.
  3. AM is one of the platforms and smart businesses catch clients on more than one platforms. Compare the advantages and uniqueness of the app against the other platforms.
  4. There is no perfect platform, each one has got its own limitations including AM

Will the end-users one day start paying?

Not at all. There is no day whatsoever in the future when the end-user will start paying. Downloading and using it will forever be free. Only businesses pay to be listed.

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